Thursday, May 18, 2006


Už si ani nepamatuji, kde jsem si Up All Night od Razorlight koupil, ale rozhodně mě toto CD moc nezujalo. Až v pondělí jsem se k němu náhodou dostal v letadle z Londýna do Washingtonu. A od té doby si ho pouštím pořád dokola. A tak, abych zjistil co je to vlastně za skupinu, jsem se podíval na reviews na Reviews. Většina začíná asi takto:

Bought this album in the summer and to be honest didn't think much to it after the first listen....THEN got it out the next week to give it another chance and the tracks really started to grow on me.

Bought this album because I really liked the first song they brought out (vice), but I was not particularly impressed with the rest of it. Left the CD in the rack for a few months, then a friend suggest we go and see them - i did so, very reluctantly but I'm eternally grateful for my friend persistance!!! Not only are they one of the best live bands around, but after having listened to the CD over and over, it just keeps getting better and better - its definately one of my favourite albums of all time!!

Having only heard Golden Touch a few times here and there, i easily dismissed Razorlight as another 'Indie' band in an already competitive market. They seemed to have nothing new to offer and I assumed would disappear after one hit.I WAS VERY WRONG. After listening to it round a friend's house I was hooked.

when i first listened to this i did not instantly like it, there were a few tracks that i liked (fall fall fall, leave me alone and stumble and fall) but i didn't think it was amazing, the songs tend to sound similar, and the pained, wailing vocals irritated me. But then my friend dragged me to see them at a gig and they were actually brilliant!

Prostě jsou CD co se líbí ihned a jiné si musi člověk "naposlouchat". Tohle patří mezi ty druhé...

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